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Cast Main Supporting Notes External links Category:Indian television series based on British television series Category:Indian drama television series Category:Amul (TV channel) series Category:2007 Indian television series debuts Category:2008 Indian television series endings Category:2000s Indian television seriesThis invention relates generally to security systems for use in protecting and securing commercial vehicles, such as, but not limited to, automobiles, motor homes and like vehicles. More particularly, this invention relates to an electronic security system for automatically alerting a driver of a vehicle to the presence of an unauthorized vehicle in a predefined area surrounding the vehicle and for automatically initiating an alarm system in the vehicle, when the vehicle approaches a predefined boundary of the vehicle""s security area. The use of electronic security systems for the protection of commercial vehicles has become quite common. Many of these systems employ a plurality of sensors mounted to the exterior of the vehicle that detect the presence of an intruder attempting to gain unauthorized access to the vehicle. When the sensors detect the presence of an intruder, the system will sound an alarm and/or activate lights in the vehicle that are visible to oncoming motorists. In the past, the sensors employed in these systems have been installed only on the exterior of the vehicle. This limits the effectiveness of these security systems because the sensors cannot detect intruders that approach the vehicle from the rear and/or from the side. In addition, many of these prior art systems alert the driver of the vehicle of the presence of the unauthorized vehicle only after the vehicle has actually reached the predefined boundary of the vehicle""s security area. As a result, such prior art systems fail to prevent an intruder from gaining unauthorized access to the vehicle. An additional problem with prior art vehicle security systems arises when the vehicle has to be serviced at an authorized service station. In some instances, the vehicle owner may have the vehicle serviced at an unauthorized service station, or a mechanic may be employed at the unauthorized service station that is performing unauthorized maintenance. Under these circumstances, the owner or mechanic may attempt to remove or tamper with the sensors employed in the vehicle security system. In addition, the unauthorized service station may remove or tamper with the sensors in order to prevent the unauthorized owner or mechanic from knowing that unauthorized services are being performed on the vehicle. In accordance with the present invention, an electronic security system for protecting a vehicle is provided that avoids the problems and drawbacks associated with the




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